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Components and Libraries

This section is for information about different reusable building blocks; primarily components and the libraries, code and information to make use of them. For more about Libraries, see Working with Libraries.

See also the main components database.

TCP/IP Networking

Internet of Things and Websockets

Networking examples using the officially supported library


Official USB Libraries can be found in the handbook

Here some other examples:

Custom Peripheral Drivers

The mbed libraries allow for standardized, simplified usage of more peripherals. However there are also user libraries which allow for faster, more efficient and/or more flexible use of these peripherals. With the exception of the software emulators of peripherals, these libraries are generally limitted to a subset of the mbed supported boards, so you need to make sure yours is supported!



  • FastIO - Faster versions of DigitalIn/Out/InOut


  • SoftPWM - Software PWM emulation
  • FastPWM - Allows PWM at full clock speed, or reduced speeds compared to regular mbed lib



  • SWSPI - Software SPI emulation
  • BurstSPI - High speed SPI writes when they are in large blocks (mainly intended for SPI TFTs)


  • I2C busreset - Recover from an I2C bus lockup (FRDM-KL25Z).


In-Application Programming

  • IAP - IAP for the NXP LPC1768 and LPC11u24
  • FreescaleIAP - IAP for Freescale boards

Power Management

  • Power Control - Power management functions for the original LPC1768 mbed
  • WakeUp - Wake up from deep sleep / power-down modes (various targets supported)
  • WakeInterruptIn - Allows LPC1114 to wake from deepsleep mode (other targets can use just regular InterruptIn)


  • F401RE-USBHost - USBHost library for various targets (not just F401).


  • MODDMA - DMA library for the LPC1768
  • SimpleDMA - Simplified DMA library for multiple targets

LCDs and Displays



Motors and Actuators





  • SCA61T - Single axis digital SPI inclinometer





Clocks and Oscillators

  • Si570 - Silicon Laboratories Si570 frequency synthesizer, with I2C interface.
  • Seeed Grove RTC - DS1307 based RTC module I2C
  • Adafruit_RTCLib - DS1307 RTC driver and time manipulation library
  • Maxim DS1077 - Maxim DS1077 EconOscillator/Divider Library

External ADC/DAC

  • Analog Devices AD7190 - Ultra-low noise 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC
  • Analog Devices AD7490 - 16 channels, 1MSPS, 12 bit ADC with SPI interface
  • MCP3221 - I2C 12 Bit, Single Channel ADC
  • MCP4822 - SPI dual channel 12-bit DAC
  • MCP320x - Simplified access to the Microchip 1/4/8-Channels 12-Bit A/D Converters with SPI Serial Interface
  • PCF8591 - I2C 4 Chan, 8bit ADC and 1 Chan, 8bit DAC
  • TI ADS1X15 - I2C 12/16bit ADC, 4 ch/2 differential, programmable gain(up to 16x), comparator, 2-5.5V supply voltage

Interfaces and Drivers

Storage, Smart Cards

Magnetic, Proximity Card Readers

Digital Signal Processing

Interfacing with other languages

Utilities for an application

  • ConfigFile - Variable configuration file helper class
  • FirmwareUpdater - Update your application binary via WEB.
  • SerialBuffered - An extension to the Serial library that provides customisable buffering
  • DebounceIn - Extends DigitalIn to add mechanical switch deboucing of inputs.
  • PinDetect - Similar to DebounceIn above but adds "interrupt" style callbacks on pin state change.
  • MODGPS - A library that supports easily adding a GPS module to your project.
  • MODMAX7456 - A library that supports the MAX7456 on-screen display chip.
  • MODSERIAL - An extended version of Serial that provides full IO buffering.
  • MODDMA - A library that manages the GPDMA peripheral as an easy to use library.
  • MAX3100 Additional external serial ports.
  • FunctionPointer - Mbed's callback mechanism explained
  • FPointer - An advanced library callback mechanism
  • ASyncTicker - a ticker not using an ISR, allowing for more complex stuff
  • Localization - a library for storing external / to-be-localized strings
  • TimeZone - TimeZone handling
  • CSV parser - port of Israel Ekpo\'s CSV parser library
  • SPXml parser - Mbed port of the Simple Plain Xml parser.
  • MD5 - port of a simple MD5 library
  • MatrixClass - A class to handle Matrices.
  • Text LCD Menus - Set up a menu system controlled by an RPG input device


Breadboards & Breakout Boards

Reference, Tutorials and Examples, Events

This section is for the sort of reusable information that can help you get your job done.

Events & Classes


Tutorials and Examples

Internet of Things

Software Development

Hardware Tutorials




This section is about PCB design resources


Cookbook pages or links to notebook pages documenting any projects you are working on.

  • Ideas List - Ideas list for university projects, internships and Google Summer of Code

Community and Support


Other Things

  • Backup - Backup your published programs and libraries
  • End of life - End of life information about mbed microcontrollers

Discussion topics

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