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  • Smart Remote - a project that allows an mbed to learn commands issued through IR using a smart remote control
  • Morse Code Translator - generates Morse code from input text and plays it through a speaker
  • MicIO - using a 3.5mm microphone jack to send data

GSM Modems

  • GSM modem - An Enfora GSM serial modem sending GPS data in an SMS Text message
  • Contest Winner - SMS Scheduler using GSM Modem



  • Universal Translator - Allows the user to select the language which he intends to input, type a statement, select a language for translation, and hear how his statement is pronounced in the selected language using Google APIs. using Sparkfun VS1053 MP3 breakout board


  • Cave Runner - Cave Runner Game with accelerometer input for control and Nokia LCD
  • Bop It Game - LCD tells user action to take
  • iHvZ uses mbed and ZigBee to record hits and upload data to a server in the popular human vs. zombies campus tag game.
  • TicTacToe with Nokia LCD & PS/2 Keyboard
  • mbed Pong with Nokia LCD & PS/2 Keyobard
  • Mbed Poker - A poker game between two mbeds, capacitive touch keypads, and Nokia color LCD screens
  • LED Snake Game - A snake game that is displayed by an array of LEDs
  • DDR - game using color LCD and a touch keypad
  • Frogger-G - a take on Frogger using a color LCD and an accelerometer
  • Flappy mbed - a take on the phone game Flappy Bird using a color LCD and pushbuttons
  • Snake - A snake game using the mbed application board
  • Super mbed Ball - an accelerometer-based maze navigation game

Video and Graphics

Music and Audio

Smart Peripherals

  • IR Mouse - Three Sharp IR distance sensors used to make an IR PC mouse
  • The Power Glove is a wireless PC pointing device using MEMS accelerometers and sensors mounted in a glove worn by the user.
  • HID RFID Wiegand
  • Air Mouse Project - Create a mouse for your PC using an IMU breakout


  • Satellite Test Platform - Reaction Wheel Actuated Satellite Dynamics Test Platform
  • xBee Remote Robot - A low cost Sparkfun magician robot remotely controlled by mbed using Xbee
  • Robot ARM - mbed control of a Lynxmotion Robot ARM
  • Voice controlled robot - Uses the EasyVR module for voice control of the Sparkfun magician robot and displays temperature on LCD
  • Weather Tracking Bot - A traxster robot that collects weather data.
  • Stinger Robot Library - A library designed to simplify operation of the Stinger robot with the mbed and two H-Bridges.
  • Balancing Robot is a first attempt to make a two wheel balancing robot using the mbed PID and IMU projects with two H-bridge modules and two geared DC motors.
  • Seeing Eye Robot is a prototype of a robot designed to aid the blind in navigating around obstacles.
  • Accelerometer Controlled Rover(Wireless) - A robotics connection traxster robot with a tilt remote control using mbeds and XBees.
  • Copycat Robots - two magician robots with one following the other using Xbee
  • ScottROV1 is an underwater remotely operated vehicle.
  • Follow My Eye - a webcam on a PC tracks eye movement and controls a small robot that uses mbed
  • RoboARM - a webcam on a PC is used to pick up objects using an mbed controlled ARM
  • Robot ARM - a low cost Sparkfun basic ARM and gripper kit controlled using human arm gestures.
  • Gesture Arm Robot - a robotic arm controlled by a wireless SI1143 proximity gesture sensor
  • Reprogrammable RFID Robot - an iRobot that takes commands through RFID tags
  • FollowMeBot - an iRobot project that will follow objects based on a color of the user's choice
  • Remote Controlled Robot over UDP - controlling a robot through a php server
  • Voice Controlled Robot - Using MATLAB to issue voice commands to an mbed controlled robot
  • Clocky the Alarm Clock - an alarm clock robot that makes you chase it to turn it off
  • Traxster Robot using a Wii or Android Remote with Bluetooth
  • Cat & Mouse two small magician robots in a chase
  • Catapult using a camera for targeting
  • Drawbot with two stepper motors and cables


  • SpaRTOS - A two month undergraduate student project to develop a sparse RTOS for mbed. SpaRTOS is designed to be built using the Keil Tools Compiler.

Security Systems

Test and Measurement



AM/FM Radio


Photos of Student mbed Projects

Prototype Satellite Prototype Satellite BrakeOutBoard Remote Weather Station Internet Clock Weather Bot Ohm meter MP3 player RSS news reader SpaRTOS Beer Fridge Two wheel robot GPS TicTac Xbeerobot pong Audio FFT Solar mbed Internet Radio Clock & Weather Synthesizer GSM modem Universal Translator XBee wireless SONAR map Camera Server VGA demo mp3touch cave vault CAN AMFMSW radio Digital Frame midi synth mbed magician Weather Station Contest Winner Surv Sys mbed ARM VGAprintf RFID Lock IR Mouse VR bot BopIt Guitar Tuner BikeLED AirGuitar WeatherStation CopyCat FollowEye RoboARM Solar UR POVRGB GPSMAP HASMS RobotARM Infrared Camera AM/FM Transmitter Custom Characters on TextLCD Nokia LCD Weather Application Gesture Arm Robot Reprogrammable RFID Robot FollowMeBot Mbed Poker Clocky the Alarm Clock LED Snake Game Flappy mbed Application Board Snake Capacitance Meter Morse Code Generator Super mbed Ball mbed Speed Reader Environmental Comfort Measurement

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