Getting started

If you are completely new to mbed, the best place is to start on the handbook Homepage.

Where to find answers to questions

You can get answers to most common questions by searching the mbed website.

The most common questions and answers can be found on FAQs

Places you may find answers to your questions:

  • Handbook - What you are reading now. The 'official' source for information, created and maintained by the mbed team
  • Cookbook - The place for user contributed documentation
  • Notebooks - The place for user contributed notes and how-to's which may be useful
  • Questions - The place to ask questions, read the FAQ for more info
  • Forum - The place to discuss topics of interest
  • If you'd like to speak to the mbed team - just email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you could try our unofficial IRC channel.

How can I get additional mbed accounts

You can signup without access to an mbed platform. Then you can add platforms to your mbed Compiler by finding the appropriate platform on the platforms page and clicking "Add to mbed Compiler", this will allow you to compile for that platform.

Will you sponsor my student project?

We do have some sponsored units that we can send to the coolest/most interesting projects, but as always demand is far greater than supply.

If you're undertaking a project that you think might be suitable, check out the sponsorship page, and complete the online form :

My mbed is broken!

deadmbed - Is your mbed dead? Here are some things you can try!

How to ask for help

If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please don't hesitate to post in the appropriate part of the Forum. mbed users are a friendly bunch and will be pleased to help you. If you have a specific question, please post it in Questions.

How to ask for help with code

A good way to get help with a piece of code that's not working for you is to Publish the program. To do this, right click the program in the Compiler and choose Publish. Include the URL returned in your post.

This way users can very easily check over your complete program and therefore help you better.

How to report problems or suggestions related to mbed

You are very welcome to post in the Bugs and Suggestions forum.

Finally, if you have an urgent problem or wish to discuss something privately, please email

6 related questions:


02 Nov 2010

Do you have an application note on how build projects with a local (non-web based) compiler?

The hardware is nice, but I do not trust placing my development code on the web.

02 Nov 2010

Search forums for "offline".

28 Feb 2011

I bought Version 2.2 hardware, can only find Version 2.1 schematic.

How do I find 2.2?

26 Mar 2011

I am having real difficulties today getting the compiler to load, PC says some sort of script error on the page, tried another PC and a different internet access but get the same, also affects the search box as well, just get a script error mesage. Has anyone seen this before ? Worked fine up untill a couple of days ago.

07 Apr 2011

Is there 2mb of memory on the nxp board in addition to the 512k in the microcontroller?

03 May 2011

Where are the "printf" statements supposed to display on the mbed??

03 May 2011

The printf statements are in your program and are sent to a terminal emulatoe on your pc.

Look at and

It is really easy

28 Jun 2011

Hello, I got quite annoying problem. I got the device NXP LPC2368 and I registered using signup code as the board is used by many students in university. But it registered as I would have LPC1768 and I cant compile things I want. How can I change the device I have?

Thank you a lot.

04 Jul 2011

I am getting an error "Fatal Application Error: Resource object failed to load" when I click on the "Compiler" link. A new window opens, but this error apprears and asks me to contact support.

I was using the compiler earlier in the day and it was working fine.


04 Jul 2011

Hi Ali,

If you are having this problem, it was perhaps related to switching between beta mode and normal mode? May be your browser cache has somehow got mixed up. If you are still having problems, try clearing your browser cache and try again.

If you continue to have problems, give us an email at and we'll investigate further.

Thanks, Simon

30 Sep 2011

Hellow I am getting an error "Fatal Application Error: Resouce object failed to load. Please contact support and decribe how you get this message" Help me!

30 Sep 2011

I am also getting same error.

Fatal Application Error: Resource object failed to load.

Please contact support and describe how you get this message

I am using Firefox 6.02.

30 Sep 2011

By update Firefox to 7.0.1 and clearing my browser cache, It seemed to be working.....?

30 Sep 2011

No problem using FF 7.0

02 Oct 2011

I changed from IE8 to a Firefox. The problem is resolved. Mr.morita, thank you.

23 Nov 2011


I'm using an Acer Aspire One Net Book with Ubuntu 11.10. At the top of the mbed page, I see "Beta test the new". This sign is right on top of 2 headings. All I see to right is "book", which I believe is Cookbook. I see the rest of the headings OK to the right of "book".

I wonder if the Webmaster could slide this announcement down a bit? Maybe, on the next line starting with the word Handbook. Everything looks normal on my Desktop using the same OS.

Thanks, donde

27 Feb 2012

Hello to all I have a big problem with my mbed. when I go on the mbed record(disk) and when I make proprieté he indicates me that 566ko sound occupied on the dique while he(it) not it in nothing on the record(disk). I cannot schedule(program) him(it) any more because when I put the binary file on the record(disk) and when I make a reset nothing takes place. Thank you for your coach I know more what to make, I have try to format but impossible.


28 Feb 2012

Hello, I makes for what you asked me and the program does not dash when I make a reset. on the other hand it there540 Kb of occupied on the mbed disk while that this just contains a page html. The problem comes from there probabely. I possess another mbed and on its record disk a file schedules(programs) of 23ko and the disk indeed indicates 23ko occupied. Thank you for giving me solution. Cdt jérôme /media/uploads/jeromaa/mbed.jpg

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