Setup guide

Instructions for setting up your mbed Microcontroller and creating your account:


1. An mbed Microcontroller and USB lead

2. A computer running Windows [XP/Vista/7], Mac OSX or GNU/Linux

3. A Web Browser - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari


1. Connect your mbed Microcontroller to a PC

Use the USB lead to connect your mbed Microcontroller to a PC. The status light will come on, indicating it has power. After a few seconds of activity, the PC will recognise the mbed Microcontroller as a standard USB drive.

Windows XP exampleMac OS X example

Go to the new USB Drive, and click MBED.HTM to open it in a web browser. Choose "Signup", and create your mbed Account. This will give you access to the Website, Tools, Libraries and Documentation.

3. Have Fun!

Where Next?


If the USB Flash drive does not appear:

  • Ensure the USB connector is plugged in fully. The Microcontroller can power up even when only partially connected, but it won't actually work!
  • Windows tends to be lazy, so you'll often have to hit F5 when you're in an explorer window to see new drives

If any of this doesn't work as described for you, please email


21 Oct 2010

When I try to compile a program a save window pops up. when I choose to save in mbed it saves but won't run??

11 Nov 2010

I think you have to delete old files and keep only the desired one and hit the reset button. That's what I'm doing and it works (not all times dues to programinh mistakes !!)

21 Jan 2011

It seems like my microcontroller working only when the USB cord is connected to my laptop. When the USB was not connected, the microcontroller worked only for a few seconds. Could the current drop in the circuit cause microcontroller to not working properly?

09 Feb 2011

When I set up my mbed for the first time I tried connecting the USB cable to the USB socket of the development board to which the mbed was attached. The power light came on but nothing happened (no USB drive appeared) until I connected the cable directly to the USB socket on the mbed board itself. I think it is safer always to use the mbed's own USB socket when setting up for the first time.

23 May 2011



03 Jan 2012


28 Mar 2012



"How to clean the mbed storage?" was posted in Japanese (two posts above).

Sometime, the mbed has weird files or the getting storage space smaller even if all files are deleted (invisible files are still there).
In such case, you can format the mbed. The mbed will be cleaned. The "MBED.HTM" file will come back by power-cycling.

20 Oct 2012

Yikes!! My USB interface seems to have gone away.

The blue light is present, but I do not see the E drive on the computer. PC is running Windows 7. Was working fine just yesterday ... any ideas?? - Jim

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