Freelance software developer. Day job is currently java, xml, web. Other projects include mbed and arduino based projects.

Andrew’s public repositories

A conversion of the excellent Adafruit WS2801 library for Arduino to work on mbed led, rgb, ws2801
Simple library for MAG3110 magenetometer as built into Avnet Wi-Go module KL25z, MAG3110, Wi-Go
Demo usage of LLAP library Ciseco, SRF, wireless, XRF
LLAP Library for Ciseco wireless products. Ciseco, SRF, wireless, XRF
A first port of the excellent Adafruit ST7735 library Adafruit, LCD, ST7735, TFT
Cheerlights client using WiFiDIPCortex and WS2801 RGB LED strip CC3000, Cheerlights, wifi, WiFiDIPCortex
A first port of the excellent Adafruit GFX library Adafruit, GFX, LCD, TFT
SMS message display on LED Matrix board with printer option K3770, led matrix, printer, Vodafone
Library for Sure Electronics HT1632 based LED matrix displays. Supports multiple displays connected together. display, HT1632, led, matrix
Library for Nuelectronics Nokia 3310/5110 LCD Display and joystick. 3310, 5110, Nokia
A work in progress on an updated library
Quick test of the Wi-Go Magnetometer KL25z, Wi-Go
FRDM-KL25Z with Nokia 3110 type LCD display Using accelerometer to make movements 3110, KL25z, LCD, Nokia
N3310LCD library demo
This is the Adafruit thermal printer, whose Arduino library is published here: This is a basic port to mbed that needs proper testing. The first printBitmap function is implemented ... Adafruit, printer, thermal
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