mbed let loose on Arduino shields!

Hack-a-day described mbed as "Arduino. On steroids. With claws and fangs.". The Arduino is a great platform and has rightly built up a strong following of tinkerers. What it has also done is stimulated a lot of bolt-on technologies to become accessible in the form of "shields". Well, it seems someone has been busy making a breakout to let the power of mbed loose on any of these great shields too...

Here is what turned up on twitter today:

No idea of the specs or who is behind it. Anyone in the know want to share any more details?!


22 Sep 2010

Here ya go!

2,499 yen. Wish the manual was in english. Looks pretty useful.


29 Sep 2010

One distributer states that the schmatic is wrong and the user has to fix it. That does not sound kewl to me.

I see this as  a forrunner of a number of different mother moards with various peripheral connections.

29 Sep 2010

From what I can tell, the first batch produced has a mistake and the manual describes how to fix it. You can buy one now and fix it yourself or wait for the fixed version (in October?).

19 Oct 2010

Well, I received mine, ordered last week, and it's already a second batch as the PCB implements the fixes listed in the user manual.

That breakout board is awesome ! in only few minutes I was able to set up an xbee <-> wifi bridge (with arduino "wifly" shield). Cool !

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