mbed Etch-A-Sketch! (pt1)

I mentioned in the earlier post about ESC that we had an idea for a demo. Well today Chris had a go putting together the hardware part...

This is the mbed commanding some AX-12+ Intelligent Servo motors that are digitally controlled, bolted on to the Etch-A-Sketch knobs! You can just about make out it is successfully drawing a square.

But we obviously have slightly grander plans, so we'll be trying to extend its functionality tomorrow. We'll update you on progress by the end of the day.

And by then it'll be finished! I know that because we only have tomorrow before I fly out :)


23 Apr 2010 . Edited: 23 Apr 2010

He he, it works :) One etch-a-sketch down, but one logo drawing etch-a-sketch now alive; just need to put in some safety features to avoid exploding our second one too, and we'll let you have a play!

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