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Free Stuff! - Seeed Studio Grove Modules

Seeed Studio, one of our mbed distributors has kindly sent us some Grove Modules to give-away to mbed users, in return for writing a library and cookbook page for them.



If you want one of the modules, then send an email to contact@mbed.org with 'Seeed Studio' in the subject line telling us which module you would like, and we can get one out to you.

The modules we have are -

Grove - 3-axis Accelerometer - Gone!
Real Time Clock - Gone!
OLED Display - Gone!
Temp & Humidity Sensor
Temp and Humidity Sensor - Gone!
Ultrasonic Ranger - Gone!

There is only one of each modules, so first in first served!

EDIT: Modules are all gone now!

Thanks to all of that replied. For those of you that were successful - enjoy the modules, and we look forward to your notebook pages.

If you are interested in future giveaways, join the mbed mailing list

mbed Newsletter - June 2012

It's has been a busy few months here at mbed, here's a wrap up of a few interesting things that have been happening with mbed -

  • Collaboration beta Trials
  • Automated Heating Controller using Google Calendar
  • NEW NFC Stack for mbed
  • UK SMART Grants for Prototype to Product
  • Beta Testers Wanted - 3G Mobile Internet
  • Live Webinar : Rapid Prototype & Development of USB Connected Devices Using mbed and LPCXpresso

Collaboration beta Trials

We're introducing fully integrated support for code collaboration within the mbed Compiler and Website. Using distributed version control model (DVCS), will allow creation, sharing and collaboration on code repositories and we're looking for a group of developers that are interested in testing these features on a shared library or project. Read more

Automated Heating Controller using Google Calendar

Every now and again there is a home automation hack that seems like it might be something you'd want to implement in your own home. In this project, a developer uses an mbed to control a heater based on events in set in a Google Calendar. Read more

NEW NFC Stack for mbed

Yep that's right, NFC for mbed! Donatien Garnier of AppNearMe has written the µNFC Stack for mbed, allowing developers to interface mbed to the NXP PN532 NFC Controller The stack allows you to build your own NFC-enabled hardware, and interface the AppNearMe framework for Android devices, allowing you to focus on building your feature-rich app that compliments your device. Read more

UK SMART Grants for Prototype to Product

Ashley Evans of the Electronic Technology Networks has contacted us about SMART Grants, and we think they might be of interest to the UK based mbed developers. An mbed user developing a commercial product could be eligible for a funding up to 60% of their R&D cost. Read more

Beta Testers Wanted - 3G Mobile Internet

Join us in testing the new libraries we've created for interfacing the LPC1768 mbed to a Vodafone K3770 USB 3G internet dongle. Beta testing is already under way, and you can find more information and the library on the cookbook page. We've also setup a forum thread for all questions, bug reports and feature suggestions. So if you've been dreaming about a remote internet-connected application, why not begin your mbed + 3G prototype today! Read more

Live Webinar : Rapid Prototype & Development of USB Connected Devices Using mbed and LPCXpresso

Jim Carver (Avnet Electronics) and Paul Boogaards (NXP Semiconductors), two specialists in microcontrollers and embedded development, are going to present a free live webinar on Tuesday June 26th, about rapid prototyping with MCUs including a walk-through of adding USB connectivity to designs using the NXP LPC11U24. Read more

Tell us about your mbed projects...

As you’ve seen, we like to post blogs on mbed.org about interesting projects that mbed users have been working on. We’re always on the lookout for more prototypes and products designed with mbed, and we want to hear from you. So if you are keen to promote your project, share your software libraries or inspire others, then get in touch with us. Our media contacts are always fascinated by mbed projects as well, so you might even get the opportunity to see your story go viral!

You can send us any content you might have including a link to a notebook page, a blog – you can even send us a picture you took with your Smartphone!

Email us at contact@mbed.org with whatever you have and we can help get people reading about your project!


NFC Stack for mbed Build your NFC Prototype!

mbed Textbook Pre-order your copy now from Amazon.com|

Collaboration Features for mbedDistributed Version Control|

mbed Online Collaboration Beta Video!

Here is a video showing some of the new online collaboration features in action:

In this case it shows how developers can work together on the same codebase. Hopefully you'll see how much work we've put in to making it very simple and intuitive!

Currently in Beta

These features are currently in private beta. If you want to try out the beta, email us at support@mbed.org and we'll give you access. You can see the earlier beta announcement for details.

Thanks for all the people who have been testing it so far!

NEW NFC Stack for mbed

NFC is one of the hottest technology topics around around at the moment, throw in Android and now you should definitely be interested! We've seen banks stumble over each other to be the first to offer NFC-enabled services, and now smart posters are becoming more prevalent in bus shelters begging to deliver you more content by fist pumping your smartphone at it. You've seen the technology in action, now it's time to get prototyping for yourself.


AppNearMe Official of NFC Technology company, AppNearMe, has developed a µNFC Stack for mbed targeting the NXP PN532 NFC Controller. The stack allows you to build your own NFC-enabled hardware and interface the AppNearMe framework for Android devices, allowing you to focus on building your feature-rich app that compliments your device.

Adafruit PN532

You can find out more on the NFC Cookbook page and the µNFC Stack library page, including a tutorial to get started using the Adafruit PN532 Breakout Board and a teardown of the NFCLamp to give you some ideas about the platform in action.

UK SMART grants for prototype to product

Ashley Evans of the Electronic Technology networks has contacted us to tell us about SMART Grants, and how they might be applicable for UK-based mbed developers. SMART Grants are an EU-funded initiative aimed at supporting SMEs take innovative new designs from the drawing board to commercial success.


Electronics Technology Network are interested in hearing from mbed users who are prototyping proof concepts to be part of a case study to understand how SMART grants can assist in successful delivery of a marketable product.

The grants fall into three main categories; Market Research, Proof of Concept and Prototype development. The ETN are keen for applicants to start with the initial Market Research phase. This has been shown to really help SMEs clarify the vision of how commercial success will be achieved, and applications who complete this stage have a much better chance of securing a grant in subsequent phases.

Having completed a Market Research phase, an mbed user developing a product is most likely to fall into the Proof of Concept category. This allows a development cycle of up to 18 months, and has a maximum grant of £100k, which can make up 60% of total project costs.

For more information on the SMART Grant scheme see the SMART website

Additionally, the ETN are working with third parties to help advise SMEs about R&D tax credits. Recent changes to the tax laws makes it easier to secure tax benefits on innovative R&D expenditure.

For more information, see the R&D Tax Credits page

If you want to get in touch with Ashley to find out more about eligibility, and assistance in the application process please contact support@mbed.org