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Exclusive Technology Preview: mbed + 3G Mobile

mbed have been working on libraries to allow developers to prototype microcontroller-based machine to machine (M2M) and ‘Internet of Things’ applications that communicate over the 3G mobile network.

mbed LPC17683G USB Dongle

Developers will soon be able to build embedded applications using APIs that allow the mbed LPC1768 Microcontroller to communicate over 3G using standard web protocols, enabling focus on applications rather than low-level implementation.

The APIs will facilitate interfacing the mbed to the Vodafone K3770 USB Dongle, presenting a simplified approach to accessing mobile internet. Where traditional approaches require expensive 3G Modems, complex software stacks or in-depth knowledge of the mobile transport, this platform presents a productive prototyping solution aimed at getting things done.

Beta Testing Program

mbed are seeking an select set of developers to assist with testing the mbed + 3G platform before official public release. Currently the program is available for UK residence only, with the aim to have stable libraries available for the public within the coming months.

If you’d like to take part in the beta program, or would like to find out more about the platform, visit http://mbed.org/vodafone and sign up.

Over the Air 2012, Bletchley Park, London

Over the Air 2012

We’re going to be at Over the Air June 1 & 2, to preview and demonstrate the platform. So if you are planning to be there, and you want an exclusive preview of the APIs make sure you catch the three mbed and Vodafone sessions!

Anyone Can Code an Embedded Controller, Friday 1st June, 12:15pm–1:15pm

Connecting Microcontrollers to the Cloud, Friday 1st June, 6:00pm–7:00pm

Rapid Prototyping ‘Internet of Things’ Applications with mbed, Saturday 2nd June 2012, 10:15am–11:15am

Hope to see you there!

Beta Testers Wanted - 3G Mobile Internet

We're looking for a group of keen mbed users to help us test and improve libraries that will enable prototype 3G Mobile Network connected applications, before official public release.

Beta Library

The libraries will enable developers to interface the LPC1768 mbed to a USB 3G internet dongle for a carrier in the UK.

So if you’re interested in developing a remote network-connected application, in the UK and keen to help us out then email support@mbed.org with the following details:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Brief description of your test project

We'll be releasing the libraries for testing on the 1st June, so get into contact soon!

Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle

Scott O'Brien has blogged about an underwater robot he has built for his final year individual project at the University of Westminster using a couple mbed microcontrollers.

The craft consists of a PVC frame and uses seven modified bilge pump motors to level and move the vehicle.

Bottom Controller

As well as controlling the motors, the LPC1768 mbed in the bottom controller interfaces various sensors including an IMU board fitted with a 3-axis accelerometer, a 3-axis gyroscope, a 3-axis magnetometer, and a micro-SD card socket.

Top Controller

The top controller features an LCD display with two analog thumb joysticks to manoeuvre and uses RS232 to interface the ROV.

Read Scott's blog here

mbed Google Chrome Extension

strobo has developed a cool chrome extension for the mbed compiler!


The extension allows you to change font and font size and also highlights matching brackets.

Check out his notebook page here for download links.

New compiler in beta

The latest mbed compiler is now available in beta!

This release primarily has behind the scenes changes and bugfixes, but there's one improvement you should definitely notice: speed!

We have added incremental compilation support, which means that when compiling large programs, subsequent recompiles will be much faster, only recompiling those files which have changed. There's also performance improvements to the UI in several areas.

Try it out at betamode and please let us know what you think and report any bugs in the usual place. We'll aim to roll out the new version to all users in the next week or two.